Sage Virtual Terminal

  1. FAQ
  2. Sage Virtual Terminal Training Videos
  3. List of test card numbers
  4. Test account numbers for Virtual Check/EFT/ACH
  5. Integration documentation for web development
  6. More...
  1. How To
  2. How to change the Address Verification (AVS) Risk Controls settings in the Virtual Terminal
  3. How to set up customers for recurring payments in the Virtual Terminal
  4. How to process a transaction in the Virtual Terminal
  5. How to check for automatic batch (auto-close) settlement in the Virtual Terminal
  6. More...
  1. Decline Codes
  2. Bankcard Gateway Error and Decline Codes
  3. Decline code 000005
  4. Decline/Error Codes for all POS systems and applications
  5. Decline code: 14 (000014) definition
  6. More...
  1. Login Help
  2. Where is the sign in page for the Virtual Terminal?
  3. How to unlock the Virtual Terminal and obtain a new password
  4. How to log in to the Sage Virtual Terminal
  5. How to avoid being locked out of the Virtual Terminal
  6. More...
  1. Shopping Cart & Donate Now
  2. Shopping Cart Adding the Sage Virtual Terminal shopping cart to your website
  3. Shopping Cart How to use a third party software or shopping cart provider to process via Sage's gateway.
  4. Shopping Cart Shopping Cart Training Videos
  5. Shopping Cart The HTML (Product Array) Shopping Cart method
  6. More...
  1. ACH/Virtual Check
  2. ACH-NACHA Correction and Reject Codes
  3. Virtual Check Description of Orginator IDs
  4. When can I expect my batch settlements to be deposited in my bank account by Sage?
  5. ACH rejection code R13
  6. More...
  1. Error Messages
  2. Error: Failure CV Card Validation
  3. Error: 911911 Security Violation and 911911 Access Denied
  4. Error: Index was outside the bounds of the array in Virtual Terminal
  5. Error: Test Cards Only response in the Sage Virtual Terminal
  6. More...
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