Statement & Account Help

  1. Fees
  2. Annual Fees What is the FANF Fee?
  3. PCI Why was I charged a PCI Non-Compliance Fee?
  4. Annual Fees I normally key enter all of my credit card sales. Will I pay lower fees if I swipe a card?
  5. PCI Why was I charged an Annual Compliance fee?
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  1. Merchant Account Information
  2. How to accept Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards and Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) cards
  3. Data required to process Level 2 and Level 3 purchasing cards
  4. Collections Payment Form
  5. What is an international credit card?
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  1. My Virtual Reports
  2. What is My Virtual Reports?
  3. I'm locked out of My Virtual Reports. How do I unlock my account?
  4. How do I view my merchant statement in My Virtual Reports?
  5. Can my virtual check activity be combined on my monthly statement with my credit card activity?
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  1. Statement Help
  2. What is my Merchant ID Number?
  3. Can I view my monthly statements online?
  4. How do I get help understanding my monthly fees?
  5. What do all of the Line Item Charges on Monthly Statements mean?
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  1. Chargeback Asssistance
  2. Chargeback Assistance Program
  3. Does Sage guarantee chargeback reversal as part of the program?
  4. How do I prevent chargebacks?
  5. How long do I have to dispute a chargeback?
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  1. Fraud Prevention
  2. How to change the Address Verification (AVS) Risk Controls settings in the Virtual Terminal
  3. Avoid Phishing Scams!
  4. Card Verification Value (CVV2) Response Codes and Descriptions
  5. First Data AVS Codes
  6. More...
  1. IRS Information
  2. What is the IRS 90% Rule and how does it relate to IIAS requirements?
  3. What information do I need to update my account info online?
  4. How can I contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)?
  5. How do I verify my 1099-K online?
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  1. News
  2. *New* VISA card customization design options
  3. Changes to Processing Application
  4. Data Security Alert! - POS Malware codenamed Kuhook
  5. My Virtual Reports - Intermittent Issues
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