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What should I do if fraudulent transactions appear on my account?

What to do with fraudulent transactions


I am being hit with fraudulent transactions. What should I do?


Fraudulent transactions can be an intimidating situation for any business. This article is intended to gather various resources in one place, to help you navigate the situation.

Any transactions in your open batch should be voided out. Any settled transactions should be credited. Please see:

Consider setting up security restrictions to help validate future transactions. Please see:

Paya's PCI partner Aperia, can walk you through getting your PCI certification.  Sometimes these questions help discover how the fraudulent situation may have occurred and what needs to take place next. You can contact them by:

More useful resources and information:

  • Paya technical support is available at 877-470-4001, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Paya Knowledgebase article about how to ensure your business is PCI Compliant with Aperia?
  • You can dial 1800-VISA-750 (Visa) or 1800-MC-ASSIST (Mastercard) and enter the card number to obtain a phone number for the bank that issued the credit card. You can then contact that bank to advise that there may be a compromise.
  • Similarly, you may file a report with the IC3 (the Internet Crime Complaint Center, associated with the FBI) at
  • If you accept credit cards online via a custom website, you can add CAPTCHA verification (or something similar) to help defend against automated attacks. Please contact your web developer, or Google "CAPTCHA" for more information.
  • null 12 Potential Signs of CNP (Card Not Present) Fraud
  • More Documents: Merchant Forms & Resources -- Fraud Prevention


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